Temporary demultiplexing, which uses selective Raman amplification.

A fiber-optic transmission system is proposed in which a non-linear optical fiber demultiplexer is used. The time-multiplexed optical signal is transmitted along the first optical path, and the pump signal is transmitted differently. The pump pulses are synchronized with the pulses in the multiplexed optical signal, which highlighted. The amplification of the selected optical signal was carried out using a Raman amplifier.
40 Gb / s GaAs P - HEMT driver module for optical communications systems.
A 40 Gbit / s driver module was developed and implemented, which includes a set of 2 distributed amplifiers. The IC is made using 0.15 ┬Ám GaAs technology of transistors with high electron mobility. The characteristics of the module are given.

Converter/interface between RF and fiber optic cables.
The electronic-optical interfaces (in particular, converters) intended for connecting cables transmitting information on RF carriers to fiber-optic cables are considered. A duplex converter/interface is proposed, connecting several broadband RF cables with 2 optical ones.
Compensation of optical dispersion.
A new method for compensating the dispersion of optical fibers is proposed. Compensation of optical dispersion is achieved using a polarizing beam splitter, which has 3 ports, which compensates for the dispersion of the fiber and devices that change the polarization mode. The principle of operation of a device that implements the proposed compensation method is considered.

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