FOCL (fiber optic communication lines) details

The highest throughput among all existing means of communication has an optical fiber (dielectric waveguides). Fiber-optic cables are used to create fiber-optic communication lines - fiber-optic communication lines that can provide the highest speed of information transfer (depending on the type of active equipment used, the transmission speed can be tens of gigabytes or even terabytes per second).

In addition to the unique transmission characteristics, quartz glass, which is the FOCL carrier medium, has one more valuable property - low losses and insensitivity to electromagnetic fields. This sets it apart from conventional copper cable systems.

This information transfer system, as a rule, is used in the construction of working facilities as external highways, combining disparate structures or buildings, as well as multi-story buildings. It can also be used as an internal carrier of a structured cabling system (SCS), however, complete SCS made entirely of fiber are less common - due to the high cost of building optical communication lines.
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The use of FOCL allows locally combining jobs, ensuring high-speed Internet downloads simultaneously on all machines, high-quality telephone communications, and television reception.

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