The Design, Planning and Construction of A/V Environments.

A/V Design & Integration

Tower TBA provides global solutions for every step in the design, planning and construction of A/V environments.

Our multidisciplinary approach to business allows us to successfully carry out complex turnkey projects.

We are a full-service company that specializes in the creation of dynamic sites that integrate the latest and most advanced display, video surveillance and environmental control systems, plasma displays and video conferencing and streaming technologies.

We offer solutions for:

Meeting and Executive Spaces
Auditoriums and Large Spaces
Classrooms and Training Centres
Advanced Control Systems
Asset Management
Meeting Spaces Reservation Services
From concept through to completion our focus is always on providing our client with the best and most innovative, top-notch AV solutions.  Of this, our projects and the opinion of our clients are undeniably our best warranty.

At Tower TBA we even go a step further and work towards maximizing competitive advantages at our clients AV environment after project completion.

Network Controller Drivers

Ethernet Controller drivers are designed to facilitate the sending and receiving of data between a Network controller and its host device. These drivers are basically low-level software that intercepts requests from the host (i.e., a personal computer or embedded controller) to send and receive data and converts these requests into a form understood by the Ethernet controller.

They conversely intercept responses from the controller and translate them back to a form recognized by the host. In effect, Network Controller drivers act as a translator or bridge of sorts. Without Ethernet controller drivers an Ethernet controller is completely useless, as the host device would be unable to interact with it. Ethernet controller drivers regulate the speed at which data is transferred. They provide data buffering and error-correction as well.

When a high-level software application sends data through network connection, it sends this request through a network “socket”. The operating system code that handles this socket then forwards the request on to the Ethernet controller driver. The driver translates this request into a form the Ethernet controller can understand. The processed is reversed when receiving data. Incoming data is physically received on a port on the Ethernet controller.

10/100Base Dual Fiber Media Converter

10/100base dual fiber media converter is the conversion equipment of Ethernet optical-electronic signals between 10/100M UTP interface (TX)...