Advances in Science and Technology in the Field of Fiber Optic Communications

A two-wave optical communication network with a ring architecture for a computer group.
A fiber-optic communication network is described for which the value of the message wavelength is part of the address. The network architecture has the form of a double ring, and the connection between the rings is carried out by tracing the signals along the wavelength. 2 wavelengths are used, one of which is used to transfer data inside the ring, and others to go to another ring.
Optical interconnects for multiple access with code division multiplexing and a communication network based on spectral multiplexing with temporary access.
A new architecture of optical interconnects based on the method of spectral multiplexing with time access is proposed. The possibility of using a similar architecture in communication systems with multiple access is considered. The use of spectral multiplexing with time access allows developing the concept of optical multi-station access with code division multiplexing, which will significantly reduce the cost of optical communication networks with a transmission rate of ~ Tbit / s.
Integrated information network on a combined (coaxial fiber) cable.
The structure of a duplex integrated information network in which hybrid cables (coaxial fiber) are used is considered. Functions, methods of formation, monitoring and control of 3 subsystems: KTV, data transmission between computers and cable telephone systems are developed in detail. Given that. system data
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The use of optical fibers of variable diameter and multichannel connectors for connecting fiber-optic communication networks using multimode and single-mode optical fibers.
The problem of making connections between optical fibers used in the composition of local fiber-optic communication systems and long-distance communication systems using single and multimode fibers is considered. The possibility of solving the problem using optical fibers or waveguides with a change in fiber diameter or waveguide width along the path and the use of multichannel devices for connecting optical fibers is shown. It is shown that the use of optical fibers with a variable diameter reduces the insertion loss when connecting systems.

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