Use of wiring standards

Use of wiring standards

Many documents related to cable network design focus on industry standards that apply to communications systems and cable networks. It is important to understand why and who create these standards. These standards are created by manufacturers of products intended for other manufacturers, not users or installers.

As one member of one of the standards committees once stated, the standards are "mutually agreed specifications for product development." They guarantee that products belonging to different manufacturers work together properly. The main purpose of the standards is not to train installers or end-users since that is the responsibility of the manufacturers of the products that meet the standards.

Where you can get information about the relevant standards. Buying expensive documentation of the standards is not usually the appropriate way to learn about them. The manufacturers that created the standards and develop products that meet these standards provide informational material for you and your customers.
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Almost all wiring manufacturers include a section at the end of their catalogs, or on their websites, which analyzes the relevant standards. It explains how the systems are, what components they use to develop them and how they should be tested. There is nothing better than a vendor's catalog or a file downloaded from your website to access the information you need about the standards.

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