Sections of the certified fiber optic technician course

It has a very important practical part that supposes approximately 70% of the time of the course. In the practical part, we work on fiber optic cables, connectors, splices, use test equipment and design a fiber-optic network as learned in the course. To begin each practical workshop, the teacher shows in great detail how the different techniques and methods are performed working with fiber optics and constantly monitors progress and teaches how to improve the technique.
fiber certification
To obtain the official CFOT certification, participants must pass a final written exam. The exam is the test type with the book closed and consists of 100 questions. The minimum score is 70% correct answers. In addition, the skills and techniques of working with fiber optics in practical workshops must be demonstrated.

If you wish to attend the certified fiber optic technician course or receive more information, fill out and send the following contact form and we will send it to the course organizer immediately.

You can also find information on other technical courses and seminars in our Calendar of Technological Events or watch the recording of our Webinars. 

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